Check out the PMD620 Video !!

    you can also download the video here


3 Responses to Check out the PMD620 Video !!

  1. Marantz video demonstrating their new PMD620 portable recorder

    As listeners to FIR may know (or longtime readers of this blog), I’m a big fan of the Marantz PMD660 and have been using it now for recording interviews in the field for most of 2 years, if not longer.

  2. Ron Versteeg says:

    I’ve tested the PMD 620.
    It could be our (radio-station) next fieldrecorder but ….
    How on earth dare you put the ‘professional’ label on an audio-device with digital delay in the earphone’s output.
    I don’t understand hardware-developers proudly put their roll out in production without it being tested by users. They have to fix this error.

    Ron Versteeg, reporter for RTVNH, The Netherlands.

  3. Ron Versteeg says:

    the guys worked hard;
    New downloadeble firmware did the trick; So: no more delay in the audio.
    I’m decided to continue testing (and using) this fieldrecorder.
    interested in results?

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