MP3 and WAV on a CD…now without a Computer?


The ability to record long term audio (15-30 Hours) and create a CD in one compact unit allows great flexability for users who dread the sometimes complicated and time consuming task of transferring files to a PC, converting formats and the subsequent chore of file burning to CD. 

Most people have used a CD Rom and expect files to show up when inserted into their computer. For this reason, we created the CDR310 which can record MP3 or WAV files easily and conveniently.  A built in CD burner allows the user to create a finalized CD copy in minutes, all without ever accessing a PC.

Lecture Recording, Music Practice, Meeting Recording and Podcasting are obvious areas the CDR310 will fit well but we are interested in the percentage of people on campus that prefer a CD rom over a removable card or jump drive. We welcome your comments and application ideas.


3 Responses to MP3 and WAV on a CD…now without a Computer?

  1. Norman says:

    Flash RAM can hold more memory.
    However, CD’s plays in any PC and are a more stable media.
    This unit looks interesting, perhaps for our A/V services.

  2. ppapageorge says:


    Because the amount of recording time is directly related to quality settings and amount of memory, how long do you expect you need to record?

    Also, is it dialog or music/performance?

  3. […] CDR310 is capable to record 15 to 30 hours of MP3 or WAV audio files. Aside from this, the equipment has a built in CD burner that will enable the user to make a CD copy of audio files in minutes even without computer access. The current market price of CDR310 digital recorder is around $795 to $1050. […]

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